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Kamil Jania Boudoir: Luxury Boudoir Experience in Lublin

Do you want beautiful, sensual photos? You dream of a Buduarowa A photo shoot, but a little lacking in courage? Are you from Lublin or surrounding areas? I can fulfill your desire! I will be happy to introduce you step by step to the atmosphere of a boudoir session.

What are the characteristics of such a session? An informal, private, magical atmosphere. With this relaxed and loosened up, you can have the photos you’ve always dreamed of. You can feel like a diva – sensual, confident and feminine. You can seduce and enjoy your carnality. You can see for yourself how attractive and sexy you are! Don’t believe it? Do you think “others maybe yes, but not me”? This is not true! Every Woman is beautiful and unique, you just have to let yourself discover it. If you still have doubts, stand in front of the lens in a safe and intimate atmosphere, and then admire the extraordinary result. You will immediately feel more beautiful, confident and attractive. Like a star the camera loves! You are cordially invited to a truly unique Buduar photo shoot in Lublin.

Why opt for a Boudoir photoshoot?

How has a boudoir session changed your life? Women who come to me sometimes don’t know what to expect. Each is different and unique, and each will experience the experience in her own way. Many women after a boudoir sensual session say and feel the same way, they are fulfilled and happy that they decided to take this step. They have learned to accept how they look and imperfections don’t seem to matter as much or even disappear. The women I’ve had the privilege of photographing after a session are truly transformed, often feeling more confident and enjoying their bodies more. They feel something they may not have already felt for many years.

Your photographer

Everything I do in life must have meaning for me, be for something. Buduar is not just another pretty pictures, with Buduar I have the privilege to take pictures so beautiful and moving that they are able to change the way you think about yourself. I can participate in the process of showing, not telling, a woman how great she really is. I witness how a woman appreciates her value, sees her strength and her true beauty. Simply magic… I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Frequently asked questions

A boudoir photo shoot is a luxurious full-day experience and its price starts at $695. I’m here to help you with every aspect of preparing for and during the session so that the results are to your satisfaction.

Over the years of photography, I have taken pictures of women of all ages, sizes and body types. No one comes to me with posing knowledge and in the end they get fantastic photos! Read my testimonials to see what a boudoir experience looks like. You’re hiring me to make you feel the most beautiful and best than ever, and I guarantee you’ll leave the session with renewed confidence. Your only job is to relax and have fun. The combination of pose, lighting and my instructions will make you love your photos.

No! Unless you agree to it. For all photos posted on my site, I received written permission to use the image from the people in them. Privacy is very important to me. If you do not want me to make them available it is perfectly fine. If you agree to share the photos I would be VERY happy to share them to show other women how they can look and feel during the session.

Yes! Photoshop can reduce and even eliminate the most common imperfections. I’ve never been a fan of photos so heavily edited that people look like plastic dolls. I have the confidence that with the right body positioning and lighting, I will make you look great just the way you are. Photoshop can then be used to refine small details.

Sessions take place in my studio styled as an apartment located in Lublin, we have wonderful light from huge windows and the possibility of any arrangement of the available space. The studio is available at no extra charge as part of the photo shoot. If you have such an idea there is the possibility of doing the session in another location or outdoor.

Of course! Someone who will make you feel comfortable and more confident.

Yes! Makeup and hair styling is an integral part of a boudoir photo shoot. Sit back and relax, enjoy a cup of coffee and chat with us for a while just before your session.

Yes! Moments after the shooting, we sit down in front of the computer and together review all the photos that were taken during the session and choose the best ones. You then decide which and in what quantity and form you want to buy them. These can be electronic versions, photo-albums, large-format prints, posters, prints on brushed aluminum or under acrylic. You will have to wait up to 14 days for electronic photos while physical products will take up to 30 days.

Useful links

If you’d like to see coverage of the photo shoots, feel free to read the reviews my clients. And if you want to see samples of my work, see my portfolio.

See also the metamorphoses of women who decided to have a boudoir session with me.

Here you will find the price list of my services

You are cordially invited!

Currently all appointments are taken – sign up for the queue list, will inform you when an appointment becomes available.

Aktualnie wszystkie terminy są zajęte – zapisz się na listę kolejkową, poinformuje Cię gdy zwolni się termin.

Currently all appointments are taken – sign up for the queue list, will inform you when an appointment becomes available.